Monday, March 16, 2009 Jilbab Heaven!

If you're looking for cute yet affordable Jilbabs and Abayas, I've hit the mother load with ! Over 50 styles of jilbabs / abayas at $29.99 and even less! Plus they offer free ground shipping for U.S. orders over $100. I've posted several photos here...The first photo above is a very simple brown dress, but guess what, it's light cotton and only 19.99. I like that the site has huge pop-up photos so you can really get a good sense of what you're buying.

They also have super-cheap light cotton tunics/kurtis and tiered skirts like these, which feel airy and light for those hot months. Check'em out!!

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  1. Assalamu'alaikum,
    I just received two abayas from East Essence today in the mail! They are lovely, and great quality (for any price!). I actually have the cotton one you mentioned, but just so you know, it is brown, not black. It's great, though! I also ordered the their "Arzoo Abaya" which is even better. The material is so light, the stitching is so crisp, and the embroidery is beautiful!

  2. I just bought from their website a third time. over $500 for all my cousins and neices. Mashallah the best website and amazing prices. the fabrics are great and the deigns are beautiful. I was speaking to this very friendly gentleman on the phone and he mentioned that they are redoing the webiste and introducing over 100 more designs of Abayas and Skirts. A sure stop for all Muslimah sisters

  3. I just came across this site and want to buy some abayas. Do they run really big like most abayas? Im thinking of getting xs so it wont be really huge!

  4. Do these run really big? I just came across this site and want to buy some abayas, Im thinking of getting xs so they will actually fit right and not be HUGE!


    We just ordered several abayas from them for our school and here is what we noticed.
    For sizes XS to XL their sizes are pretty standard to the US sizes. The Abayas fit nicely without revealing body curves which is great. At the same time the fall is beautiful also so they don't look like several of thosae saudi abayas that do not have any flair or fall.
    For sizes XXL to 3XL we noticed the sizes actually run a bit bigger than US standard sizes. Although being a nice feature I would suggest sisters to make sure they are ordering the right size after measuring themselves because the sizes can really get big. But again the fall is rich and the garments are lovely. Not to mention the prices are the best.
    Also if anyone of you is near San Franciscvo i would highly suggest visiting their store in Newark area.

  6. I am eagerly awaiting an order of two "art silk" kurtis from look gorgeous in the pictures and were a steal at around $13.00 a piece.

  7. just ordered last week! lets see what i get! reading u guys is getting me excited!

  8. I ordered from eastessence they took forever just to send my stuff out to me and I live in california,plus I asked for rush shipping. got the length waay to high was welll above ankle length had to send it back and ever since I returned them for exchange I have not heard a word from them :( never buying there again.

  9. got a abaayah for Ramadan, absolutely love it. Shipped fast, great customer service. Will definitely buy again!

  10. Have you seen's other stores?

    Here's one: - look at the contact information. THEY HAVE THE SAME PHONE NUMBER: 415-740-2340!!

    Do you want to support that? Think before you shop.

  11. ok, so they are good?

  12. I wish they had a tumblr link so I could sign in rather than use an anonymous. I ordered from eastessence almost 3 months ago. A very nice teal/emerald color abaya and it backordered then never arrived. I waited 3 months. I'm pissed the hell off that they didn't even reply to me. Out of everyone, I had to have problems when I loved all their clothing. And everyone told me they were great. But no. I cannot believe my items didn't come.

    I really wanted that abaya for a party but now it's like two months too late. I will never be ordering with them again, no matter how tempting it seems. I never get to order things online because I do not have any payment other than cash, and now when I finally have a temporary way of making online purchases, they screw me over. SubhanAllah, man!

  13. I bought 64 abayas from these people. The material was terrible. They claimed it to be crepe but came labeled as polyester. The lengths were not as ordered. Some of the clothes is completely unwearable.


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